BBQ catering

Our team is sure that meat can be a heart and soul of absolutely any event or any occasion... Choose us and we'll cater your event with a variety of different meats, with our BBQ Chef for help.

Meat tasting

BBQ meat tasting is one of our most popular additional services, which we are offering and host at our restaurant. Usually, we throw those events bi-yearly, to make the most out of each single one!

BBQ Delivery

Can there be any service in the world, better than a home-bound delivery of hot meat? We're sure that this is as good as it gets for anyone with a love for good meat.

Off Site

We'd be glad to prepare food, for any local event or a happening, This service has already proven to be a great fit for events like out door bar-b-ques, wedding parties, birthdays and other personal events, just as well as for the business meetings.

Sports Events

Everything related to sports feels completely natural to us... So whenever there's a big game, be sure that we'll supply Party deals! The sports events require pre order to be deposited. Your meal will be ready for you tailgate or Home even

Tourist Services

Lums Pond State Park being one of the big tourist destinations in DE, we're always glad to provide some extra help for visiting guests... With so many sights and interesting places all around the area, we feel it our solemn duty to also provide information booklets, just as well as offering local food outing services.